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62: History of Human Spaceflight: From the First Man in Space to Interstellar Travel [Part I] by J&S from 2TF

Join Jixuan & Sebastian this week in a special crossover series called “Humans in Space”. 2 The Future have already broadcasted this episode titled:

“History of Human Spaceflight: From the First Man in Space to Interstellar Travel [Part I]”

on their YouTube Channel which you can find in the embed below. They have taken the first episode in this series and we thought you guys, our listeners, would love to hear what they had to say to start out this brand new series!

RichLB & Kage will return next week in the next episode of the series, titled: “The Race to the Moon”

Join us as we discuss the rovers highlights during its few months!


This episode featured on YouTube Too!


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