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66: We talk with the European Space Agency on their Boost! initiative

In this episode of The Space Update we talk with Jorgen Bru who is the Commercial Services manager for the ESA Boost program and Julio Aprea who is the ESA Space Transportation Communications Coordinator.

ESA aims to boost commercial initiatives that offer space transportation services to space, in space, and returning from space. To achieve this, ESA nurtures industrial entrepreneurship and stimulates growth and competitiveness within the privately led and funded space sector in Europe via Boost! – ESA’s Commercial Space Transportation Services and Support programme. This programme also supports ESA Member States in implementing national space transportation objectives in the field of spaceports, testing facilities and associated services. Hosted by: Ryan (​)


Timestamps 00:00​ Intro 00:54​ Jorgen gives brief overview of the ESA Boost Program. 02:42​ What Small-sats and Nano-sats can we expect to see off the back of the ESA Boost Program? 05:43​ When you fund projects for bringing stuff back down to Earth, does that mean Space Junk or Crew Capsules? 08:50​ How many companies does ESA Boost currently support?** 10:25​ Can companies that have had prior proposals funded by ESA Boost return with further proposals for funding further down the line? 13:28​ What are your thoughts on the use of green and eco-fuels when a few companies are leaning towards Methane and LOX? 17:12​ Jorgen talks a little on the THEMIS reusable system and test timeline. 18:43​ Julio answers “Where can people find you on Social Media?” 19:23​ Jorgen’s closing remarks. 19:44​ Ryan’s Patreon shout-out and closing remarks. ===============================================================

Special Guests with us this week. Jorgen Bru – Commercial Services Manager for ESA Boost Program Julio Aprea – ESA Space Transportation Communications Coordinator Be sure to give @esa_sts a follow on Twitter to keep up to date with more developments! (​) and you can find their website where you can learn more about this here (​)



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**All information provided would have been correct at the time of the recording (14/04/2021)

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