Podcast: Space Specials

Special content outside of our normal shows

57: Deep Dive: Emirates Mars Mission – Hope Probe Q&A

In this episode Total Space answers to questions from an English speaking school, JESS Primary, in Dubai, UAE.

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31: Christmas Special – The Story of Total Space

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Total Space team! In this episode we discuss how Total Space was born and our experiences for the first months as well as our expectations for 2021. We also answer some viewer questions!

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19: Interview with TJ Cooney from I Need More Space

In this episode Kage, AnotherSpaceNut, Mikko and RichLB interview TJ Cooney from I Need More Space. We talk about his new project I Need More Moon, where you can send your name to Moon. Click http://ineedmoremoon.com to learn more and fly along!

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8: Interview with What about it!?

In this special episode Mikko, AnotherSpaceNut and RichLB interview Felix and Steffi from the YouTube channel What about it!? You will get a look behind the scenes of What about it!? and how starting the channel changed their life. We will of course talk about Starship, SpaceX among other space topics.

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