Speaker: Benno

27: Deep Dive: SpaceX Starship SN8 test flight analysis

In this episode Mikko, Ryan, Aaron, and Benno take a deep dive analysis into SN8 test flight. This episode is a bit different, it’s is the audio track from out YouTube live stream with minor editing.  You can also leave us feedback through the social media or YouTube. Want us to do other live streams…

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25: Becoming Multiplanetary: Space Stations Pt 2 (Moon Mars & More)

In this latest episode of Becoming Multiplanetary this week, we re-join our hosts RichLB, Kage, AnotherSpaceNut and Mikko in talking about Space Stations Pt.2!

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11: Deep Dive: Aerobraking with SpaceX Starship

In this episode Mikko and AnotherSpaceNut talk with a special guest, Benno. We talk how SpaceX Starship might do orbital insertion, aerobraking, Mars atmospheric entry and landing on Mars.

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