Speaker: StaticFireGal

StaticFireGal is a co-host on TSN that appears in various shows.

She is the host of The Rocket Series.

She is also fond of Soviet rockets and rocket launches.

60: Becoming Multiplanetary: Rover Series Part 5: Sojourner

In this episode of Becoming Multiplanetary, RichLB, Kage, & Edel talk about the final leg in our Rover Mega-Series, Sojourner. Join us as we discuss the rovers highlights during its few months!

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57: Deep Dive: Emirates Mars Mission – Hope Probe Q&A

In this episode Total Space answers to questions from an English speaking school, JESS Primary, in Dubai, UAE.

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53: The Space Update – Starship, RocketLab, Dear Moon & More News!

This week on The Space Update we talk Starship SN10, RocketLab’s Neutron Rocket, Dear Moon and more news! If you would like to support The Space Update and everything we do here on Total Space Network. Head over to our Patreon page where you can gain access to exclusive content, speak with special guests in…

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