Speaker: Felix Schlang

Felix Schlang is the host of the YouTube channel What About It!?

42: Deep Dive: Sea Launch Platforms with Felix from What about it!?

In this episode Mikko and AnotherSpaceNut talk with Felix from the YouTube channel What about it!? about sea launch platforms and SpaceX’s plans to use oil rigs as launch and landing platforms.

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22: Becoming Multiplanetary: Space Stations Current & Future (feat. Felix Schlang from What About It!? & Framryk)

In this latest episode of Becoming Multiplanetary this week, we re-join our hosts RichLB, Kage, and Mikko in talking about Space Stations! We cover on the ISS and talk about what the future of Space Stations may look like.

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8: Interview with What about it!?

In this special episode Mikko, AnotherSpaceNut and RichLB interview Felix and Steffi from the YouTube channel What about it!? You will get a look behind the scenes of What about it!? and how starting the channel changed their life. We will of course talk about Starship, SpaceX among other space topics.

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