Speaker: Graham Lau

Dr. Graham Lau is an astrobiologist and communicator of science, known to many online as “The Cosmobiologist”.

48: Becoming Multiplanetary: LIVE! Rover Series Part 1: Perseverance (w/ Special Guest Dr. Graham Lau)

Join RichLB, and Kage along with Special Guest Dr. Graham Lau the Cosmobiologist in discussing the first in a new series by Becoming Multiplanetary, the Rover Megaseries! On this first episode we discuss the Perseverance Rover! Watch the Perseverance landing on February 18th, starting at 2:15 pm ET (21:15​ UTC): [HERE]

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32: Deep Dive: The Cosmobiologist Graham Lau: Phosphine on Venus and Possibility of Life in Our Solar System

In this episode, Mikko and AnotherSpaceNut interview Graham Lau, the cosmobiologist. We talk about the finding of phosphine on Venus, weird molecules on Titan, and the possibility of life in our solar system, and on exoplanets, as well as listener questions, including Mars bases. This episode can also be found on YouTube with video so…

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