Speaker: TJ Cooney

TJ Cooney is the host of the YouTube channel I Need More Space.

28: Becoming Multiplanetary: SN8 – The Gateway Moment to Becoming Multiplanetary?

In this latest episode of Becoming Multiplanetary this week, we re-join our hosts RichLB, Kage, and Mikko in talking about SN8’s spectacular debut and what it means in the context of Becoming a Multiplanetary species!

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19: Interview with TJ Cooney from I Need More Space

In this episode Kage, AnotherSpaceNut, Mikko and RichLB interview TJ Cooney from I Need More Space. We talk about his new project I Need More Moon, where you can send your name to Moon. Click http://ineedmoremoon.com to learn more and fly along!

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