69: Becoming Multiplanetary: Humans in Space pt. 4: The Current Generation

Part 4 of the 7-part “Humans in Space” mega-series with Jixuan & Sebastian from 2 The Future. In this episode of Becoming Multiplanetary, RichLB and Kage talk about The Current Generation – the recent past, the present, and the near future of human spaceflight, including the upcoming Lunar Gateway and Artemis Program.

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61: The Space Update – Starship SN11 Review, SLS hot fire test, New NASA Administrator & More!

We review Starship SN11, SLS Hot Fire test, New NASA Administrator and more space news! If you would like to support The Space Update and everything we do here on Total Space Network. Head over to our Patreon page where you can gain access to exclusive content, speak with special guests in the after show…

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